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About Us

The Jungle Movement Academy |2701 Gattis School Rd 100CRound RockTX78664 | (737) 202-4428

About The Jungle Team

The Jungle Movement Academy is a training facility specializing in various movement arts such as Parkour, Ninja Warrior, Aerials, Trampoline, Rock Climbing, Martial Arts and so much more. The Jungle team was formed through many years of training in the Texas movement community, and the Academy was brought to life by the movement professionals whose goal is to pass on their knowledge to any and all who wish to learn. Coaches at The Jungle are truly some of the best in their field of movement.

The Jungle is a place to discover your animal side, and all animals are welcome at The Jungle (metaphorically speaking). Just like in the real jungle, all animals have their specialties. The trampoline sends people flying through the air like a bird, whereas the parkour section teaches people how to be nimble like a cat, and Ninja Warrior obstacles require the grip strength of a monkey. We aspire to become a mix of all the animals of The Jungle, to learn all forms of movement. It pays to be good at all things rather than master of just one. We call it: the path to Dragon.

We are a community of adventure seekers. Everything that we teach, and practice gives us practical use in the real world. The reaction timing that is required for performing trampoline skills helps to strengthen neural connections in complex motor controls and instinctual decision making. This means that gaining faster reaction timing on the trampoline can assist you to quickly press the brakes when traffic ahead of you stops. Practicing rock climbing might give you the grip strength to make one trip of carrying groceries from your car to the kitchen rather than two. Everything we do is practical, and we are essentially preparing people to better navigate the real world.

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