What is The Jungle?

The Jungle Movement Academy is a place where people can learn how to master their bodies through various movement styles that mimic animal movement. We feel that exercising should be fun and produce functional strength and ability.


We are the Jungle Cats! The Jungle Cats are a FAMILY of people who love to play, explore and go on adventures! The Jungle Movement Academy is where we learn superhuman abilities training outdoors and going on epic adventures.


Animals must LEARN how to MOVE and ADAPT in their environment to survive. At the Jungle we follow the same philosophy!

MOVE: We start by trying new things. These skills don’t always come easy, but persistence is key, so keep trying!

LEARN: You will learn from all the failed attempts and begin to make your movement more fluid and efficient.

ADAPT: Your skills will become second nature and you can really start enjoying the movement, even developing your own style.