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Adults (16+)


ALL Homeschool Classes


Think it's hard raising a kid? Try schooling them too! #Respect! Homeschool community, we got you! Take a look at our wide variety of homeschool classes that your kids can have fun in. They get the fitness education they deserve, and you deserve not to teach. While your kids are in class, take a look at what classes are available for you as well!

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Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior image

Run through Ninja Warrior-type obstacle courses that will challenge your balance, speed, strength, and endurance. Learn how to swing from bar to bar, run up walls, and fly off trampolines. Push yourself to new limits and become stronger in The Jungle’s Ninja Warrior classes.

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Parkour image

Navigate any terrain fast and efficiently by learning proper body mechanics and finesse techniques. Master the art of movement with your surroundings and learn to absorb your impact with graceful ease. Be creative and learn cool skills, or be swift and speed over any obstacle in your path. Jump, vault, swing, climb, land, flip, and more; parkour has it all.

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ALL Rock Climbing Classes

Rock Climbing image

Take a look at all of the different rock climbing classes that are available!

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Rock Climbing - Bouldering

Rock Climbing image

Bring out your inner mountain goat! This is a beginner friendly class good for all levels. Bouldering is the type of climbing with no ropes. It's just you and the wall (over mats) trying difficult climbing problems. In this class, you will learn how to climb with flawless technique that will send you sailing up rock faces.

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Rock Climbing - Top Roping

Rock Climbing image

This is a 1.5-hour beginner friendly class, and all levels can join. Top roping is the type of climbing where the rope is set at the top of the wall, and you climb with a harness while someone on the other end of the rope belays you! You will also learn how to belay in this class.

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Rock Climbing - Lead Climbing

Rock Climbing image

This is a 1.5-hour advanced climbing class that you must test into. Lead climbing is the process of setting the rope up at the top by using quickdraws to clip into bolts on the way up the wall to reach the anchors at the top and clip the rope into the anchors (at which point it turns into top rope). Lead belaying is the person at the other end of the rope while the climber is lead climbing. You will learn both lead climbing and lead belaying in this class.

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Trampoline image

Become a bird and soar through the air! Trampoline classes teach you the priceless skill of air awareness and falling. Learn to maneuver your body through the air and master your reaction timing skills in a progressive, fun manner. Slowly work your way to the walls and learn the epic circus talent called Tramp Wall.

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ALL Aerial Classes


The Jungle offers a wide variety of Aerial class options. Here, you will find all of the Aerial classes that we offer.

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Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks image

Aerial silks are a marvel to behold. The talented aerialists who master this apparatus take dancing in the sky to a whole new level. Learn to wrap your body up in an elegant and graceful flow, and then drop through the air to untangle yourself in a dynamic, masterful routine. Silks are so much fun to learn, and anyone can do it!

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Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop image

The Lyra (aka hoop) is more than just a big ring floating in the sky. It's an adventure of creative movement that demonstrates one's strength and flexibility while suspended in the air. As challenging as it may be, aerial hoop can be practiced by anyone at any level. Learn to sequence together beautiful routines consisting of static poses and dynamic drops. Aerial hoop is fun for all.

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Aerial Pole


The amazing aerial pole is a stunning spectacle to witness. The ability to hold oneself up on a floating vertical pole while performing dynamic moves as well as holding beautiful poses is dazzling. Despite the aerial pole being a challenging apparatus to learn, anyone can start to learn the basics and build the strength necessary. After some experience, you'll be flying around the pole like a true performance professional.

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Aerial Trapeze


Aerial trapeze has everyone in a craze. This wonderful apparatus has a huge variety of skills to learn, ranging from the "anyone can do it" level to the "how is that possible" level. Learn this apparatus solo or with a partner. Either way, you're going to have a blast with this genius apparatus. Good luck and have fun!

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Aerial Straps


Ages 11+. Come test your strength, flexibility, and grace in this all-levels aerial straps class! Whether you are looking for an introductory lesson or more advanced performance techniques, we've got you covered! STRAP in, it's gonna be a wild ride!

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Handstands image

Have you ever thought that the world is too… upright? Flip it upside down and see from a new perspective! Gain unreal strength while learning proper form and technique in a handstand. Keeping your body's natural kinetic chain in line by learning from a true professional is crucial to keeping your handstand healthy and strong. And it's not over there! There are so many ways to handstand you wouldn't believe!

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Contortion and Flexibility

Contortion And Flexibility image

Can you touch your toes? Now can you touch your forehead to your toes… backward with your back bent… while upside down? This class will show you how to gain unparalleled flexibility, mobility, and strength. Train in a safe, progressive manner to keep your body limber and healthy. Everyone is bending over backwards to take this class!

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Fitness, Yoga, and Recovery

Fitness, Yoga, and Recovery image

Whether your goal is to stay young forever, build crazy amounts of muscle, or get in touch with your inner self, there is a class for you here. We offer a variety of classes to assist with your health and vitality that keeps your biological clock from ticking as fast. Treat your body right and stay in shape so that you may never know what getting old feels like… at least, that's the goal ;)

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Why walk when you can fly? At least for a moment. And at that moment, you'll invert, twist, flip, and flop. Well, hopefully, not much flopping. Build power and gain air awareness by using your own flow of momentum to send yourself soaring through the air. Tricking is more than just power, though. You'll gain fantastic mobility and flexibility in this class, allowing you to move through your motions more gracefully. And better yet, you'll walk away with some party tricks.

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Martial Arts

Martial Arts image

Experience martial arts The Jungle way. Nothing beats the old-fashioned discipline that classic kung fu instills. Learn classic forms and advance through the levels to become a kung fu master. However, on the contrary, nothing beats the good ole "pick up a foam sword and beat each other up in an all-out battle with your friends." Not to mention the foam-tipped arrows. Then, put your skills to the test at FIGHT NIGHT! A coach-supervised sparring with pads session is held on the regular at The Jungle.

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Flips N Stunts

Flips N Stunts image

Similar to tricking, but less focused on landing gracefully. We're going to teach you how to fall with style. Sometimes we'll learn flips, and sometimes we'll practice a choreographed fight scene with stunt falls and fake punches. Practice what the movie stars are trained to do! The only difference is that you don't get paid millions.

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Jungle Moms and Dads


That's right. Moms and dads, this is for you. We thank your undying effort to raise a kid (or many) with a smile on your face… sometimes. Your hard work and effort earns you a spot in our exclusive moms and dads classes that cater to doing everything that your kids can do, but with a lot more safety and caution. Plus, it's a great way to embarrass your kids (and bond with them).

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Tiger Cubs and Dragon Cubs


Ages 3-5. Nothing beats watching a baby learn to walk… except watching that same toddler learn to run and flip in The Jungle! Get your kids started learning to use their bodies at a young age. The coordination that it takes to swing on the rings, and the strength that it takes to climb up and down walls, will set your little one up for success! Tiger cubs who grow up learning to jump, land, and roll will know instinctively how to fall later in life. Don't deny your kiddo the opportunity of a lifetime… literally.

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Ages 6+ Have you ever wanted to master the art of juggling? Well, now you can! Join us in this all-levels class to learn the basics of juggling if you're a beginner or advanced performance techniques if you're a veteran.

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