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Competitions & Teams

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Competition & Teams

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Jungle Dragons Team


Jungle Dragons Team

The Jungle Dragons Team is an upgraded version of all the separate teams at The Jungle. Teams used to be split into three groups: Ninja, Parkour, and Trampoline. Now, we're combining these separate teams into one big unified team! Nothing changes much with the actual training. There are still separate team classes for the different disciplines. We're even adding Rock Climbing team training as well! The only difference is that once you become a Jungle Dragon, you have access to ALL the different team trainings available. You can choose to stick to just one of the disciplines, or you can explore them all (our recommendation). It's up to you! Plus, being a part of the team means that we will all come together at certain times for team-building events such as go-kart racing, trampoline parks, or maybe just a good old grill-out and swim event. The Jungle Dragons are the best and strongest team The Jungle has ever seen with more perks than ever!

Philosophy Behind Jungle Dragons:

The Jungle is a place where different animals come together with their unique skills to teach and learn from each other. Our mission as movers is to excel in all movements, rather than mastering just one. It's good to be a Monkey so that you can swing, climb, and flow with your environment. Being a Tiger helps with your control and power! Birds are fearless and fly through the air. However, when you become proficient in all forms of movement, you combine your animal talents and become a DRAGON!

Team Schedule and Classes (Look for "JD" next to classes on the schedule to indicate its a Jungle Dragons class)

  • JD Ninja Warrior:
    • Kids: Tuesday from 5pm-7pm
    • Teens: Thursday from 5pm-7pm
    • Adults: Wednesday from 7pm-9pm
    • Homeschool Kids and Teens: Wednesday from 11am-1pm
  • JD Parkour:
    • Kids and Teens: Saturday from 4pm-6pm
  • JD Trampoline:
    • Kids: Wednesdays from 4pm-5:30pm
    • Teens and Adults: from 5:30pm-7pm
  • JD Rock Climbing:
    • Kids: Mondays from 4pm-5:30pm
    • Teens and Adults: from 5:30pm-7pm

Tryouts for Jungle Dragons:

We host tryouts twice a year (spring and fall). If you want to try out sooner, you can schedule a private lesson with one of the Jungle Dragon coaches to undergo a private tryout and attempt to join the team immediately.

Please note: Many team kids have been taking regular classes for years before they are ready for the team. Team classes are much more intense than regular classes, and not everyone is ready for the team. Additionally, kids must exhibit good behavior as well as skill to be eligible for the team. We will not permit students with consistently challenging behavior to be part of the team, regardless of their skill level.

Next Try-outs: Saturday, September 30th, 2023. 12pm-2pm

Upcoming Ninja Warrior Competitions


Ninja Warrior Competition


Every Ninja Warrior competition hosted at The Jungle is associated with one of the ninja leagues. To advance in the league, you must be registered with that league. Some leagues require a nominal registration fee (others do not).

Information about the respective leagues can be found below:


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