BIG NEWS - Jungle Expansion
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Jungle Expansion

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The time has finally come. The Jungle is growing, and it’s happening right here, right now. Big things are unfolding, and we’re excited to share the news with you! We are taking over the entire building that we currently occupy. Check out what’s coming your way!

Current Jungle: 8,000 Square Feet
New Jungle: Over 20,000 Square Feet!

New Parkour Section!


Our current parkour section is a bit cramped, occupying the back corner of our gym. Now, it will be the main centerpiece in our existing space. The parkour section will take the spot of our spring floor, creating a masterful flow between Parkour and Ninja Warrior. Imagine walking into The Jungle and witnessing an entire city of obstacles in the massive space that the spring floor currently occupies!

Spring Floors x 2


That’s right! We will not only have one but two spring floors side by side in the new space! Can you picture the possibilities with that much bouncy floor? Not only will this enhance the versatility of classes such as gymnastics, tiger cubs, tricking, etc., but it will also provide the space for epic dodgeball games, riveting sword battles, extreme forts, and a haven for campers to run wild and free!

New Gymnastics Section


Part of the equipment we have been gathering includes several gymnastics apparatuses. I know, I know, our gymnastics program has been… basic. Now, we will get to offer a real gymnastics program comparable to a dedicated gymnastics gym. Some of the equipment we have gathered include a high beam, low beam, pommel horse, vault, uneven bars, men’s high bar, double mini, and more!

Aerial Heaven!


Aerials have been long overdue for an upgrade. Our brave aerialists have been gallantly bearing with the space that they occupy for years. They’re currently working with about 400 square feet of space. Now, they will have a whopping 2,320 square feet of space to themselves! Not even dedicated Aerial studios have this much space to work with! This space will be partially divided by a drawback heavy curtain to offer privacy when needed. Also, did someone say Aerial Camps?

HUGE Rock Wall!


Over 60 feet of wall space will be used to create an epic bouldering and top-roping section, 24 feet high! This is one of the items that will be the last to be built due to its intense intricacy and buildout time. However, once complete, you can expect our rock wall section to be comparable to that of some of the best rock-climbing gyms in the nation.

Multi-Purpose Studio Space


Have you taken a yoga or Pilates class at The Jungle? Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own hardwood floor space, mirrored walls, separate from the gym with your own music? Yeah, we thought so too! The unit's roughly 800-square-foot lobby space next door will be turned into a peaceful multi-purpose studio suitable for yoga, Pilates, barre, recovery, dance, and more!


What Else to Expect

The list of upgrades goes on! However, we wouldn’t want to ruin some of the big surprises that we have in store. Let’s just say you’ll never see it coming. The Jungle comprises a creative group of builders, and we have some mega building plans that will blow you away.

Along with all of the new additions to the gym, there will also be an upgrade to our class schedule as well. Our team is growing and more classes will be available once the build is complete. Members will get to enjoy an even wider array of classes that will be available to them in the near future

Some other great news about expanding includes:

  1. Double the amount of birthday party availability
  2. Increased camp capacity
  3. Increased After School Care capacity
  4. More open gym space
  5. Better parent viewing areas
  6. Designated "walkways" throughout the gym

...and so much more.

Temporary Schedule Changes

Our build team comprises Ninja Josh, Wolf Will, Eddie, Monkey Matt, David, and Jacob. Most of the classes these coaches teach have either been removed from the schedule or covered by another coach. Very few classes remain for these coaches to teach due to the demanding build schedule ahead of them.

With that in mind, we kindly ask our current members to remain patient with our class schedule. The changes following this announcement take effect immediately, and the current schedule live on our website is up to date. We hope that the incredible upgrades coming your way will offset any inconvenience in scheduling that may exist now.

The timeline of opening the new space is still unclear. We are hoping for no longer than a 3-6 month build process, and we're still on target for that. However, no exact dates are confirmed. For now, we're just going to hustle away at getting it open as soon as we can!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Thank You!

The Jungle is blessed to have such a wonderful community. You are the wheels that keep The Jungle moving forward. As a thank you for your loyalty to our community, we will be throwing a huge Re-Grand Opening party once the buildout is complete. Also, keep your eyes out for volunteer help days in the coming months!


- The Jungle Owners

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