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Parties & Events

Birthday Parties


Birthday parties at The Jungle are unforgettable! We provide an amazing experience that everyone will enjoy. Our basic package includes:

  • Two instructors to lead the party and supervise children
  • Games like dodgeball, ninja tag, watchtower, save the animals, etc.
  • Obstacle course
  • Plenty of free time
  • Birthday party room time for food, cake, and presents

Birthday Party Prices:

Saturdays: $50 non-refundable deposit + $350 = $400 total (not including tip) Open gym is still occurring on Saturdays, however, the party will have priority over the gym. Up to 20 people total in your party.

$10 fee for each additional participant past 20 participants.

Birthday Party Times:

  • 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
  • 3 pm – 5 pm
  • 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Add-ons (up to two add-ons per party (yeah, it gets wild)):

$100 – Lightsabers – Includes lightsaber safety instructions, basic lightsaber training of common strikes and defenses, and a big lightsaber battle showdown. (Ages 6 and up)

$120 – Ninja Warrior Course – Do you have what it takes to be the next Ninja Warrior? Find out with a course customized to mimic obstacles on the show. Earn points through the course and see your results on the leaderboards. (All Ages)

$150 – Bumper Balls – Includes 4 bumper balls. Get inside the ball and run full speed to knock other balls out of the ring. Set up a giant ramp to roll down inside the ball. (Ages 10 and up)

$150 – Nerf Guns – The Jungle is a battlefield! Choose your teams and battle your way to victory. We provide up to 15 nerf guns with ammo. Bring your own nerf guns too! (ages 6 and up)

$150 – ZipLine – Fly across the gym on the Jungle zipline! Safety instruction is given before the use of the zipline. Safety mats are laid down for the length of the zipline. (ages 6 and up. Must meet height requirement of being able to comfortably sit on zipline seat.)

The Jungle does not provide decorations, food, or drinks. Bring your own decor to customize the party room to your theme! You may bring any food or beverage items excluding alcohol (sorry, parents).

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Parents Night Out


Ages 6-15. Drop off your kiddos for a night of fun at The Jungle Movement Academy. We will be playing a lot of games like dodgeball, floor is lava, and ninja tag. Halfway through PNO, we order pizza for everyone! These nights are unforgettable for the kiddos and give parents a nice break from their kids to go out and have some fun… or stay in!

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Backflip Workshop


This workshop is flippin awesome! In this workshop, you will be learning and performing all of the progressions and exercises that will lead you on your path to successfully landing a backflip. Everyone can participate in this workshop, you don’t need prior experience. With all of the mats, pads, and foam pit at our disposal, our professional coaches keep you safe while learning this skill. Our goal is to get you to walk away from this workshop knowing how to do a backflip, and knowing how to progress safely on your own.

Already have your standing backflip? Want to do more with your backflip? The instructors will take your flippin skillz to a whole new level. Learn skills like the wall flip, flyaway, J-step, cheat gainer, and more!

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Acro Workshop


Acro yoga is a prominent trend in the movement community, and for good reason. Partner acro has a number of benefits, beyond the enjoyment of climbing on and around your friends. Complex motor skills are developed as your strength, coordination, and balance work in symphony with your partner. Acro yoga is fun for everyone, and anyone can do it. Partner or not, join us for this exciting workshop.

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Handstands Workshop


Ready to have your world flipped upside-down? Learn your handstand and improve your strength from one of the best hand balancers in the world! Coach Leila Noone is going to take us through an amazing workout focused on shape-holding, pressing strength, core strength, and mental prowess. Learn all of the progressions and tools that you need to train your handstand with good form. You’ll be walking away from this workshop on your hands!

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Ninja Nerf War


Ninja Nerf War

Ninja Nerf Wars at The Jungle is every kid's best dream come true. Giant foam swords, huge base building, and lots of nerf guns! What’s not to love? From capture the flag, to team deathmatch, Ninja Nerf Wars are an unforgettable experience for kids at The Jungle.

We recommend you bring:

  • Your own nerf gun(s)… the bigger the better.
  • Eye protection.
  • Extra Ammo (only bring what you’re willing to lose).
  • A cool outfit.
  • Your best game face.
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